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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. -Gwyneth Paltrow

January 11, 2011

  1. January 12, 2011 6:42 am

    Love the look, you are great with layers! Is Lucy better? I hope so, they looked very sad. 😦

    • January 12, 2011 11:05 am

      Thanks for checking in on the ladies! Lucy is doing much better today and I’m hoping we’ll be out of the woods soon (it’s a lot of work for me and her when she can’t stand up…handfeeding, changing rabbit diapers… yep, that’s right…they make rabbit diapers). Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. January 12, 2011 9:46 am

    LOVE your new site. We need to catch up immediately. Call me this week when you are free. I have school from 8-10PM friday and 1-5 Saturday. Other than that, Call me anytime!! OH, and PS: I’ll be in san fran Feb 21st-26th. I expect to see you that week! Austin will be working, but maybe I can sneak to the city to grab some lunch with you at least! Call me soon!!! XXO

    • January 12, 2011 11:07 am

      A definite catch-up is necessary! Give me a call when you get to SF and we’ll plan something fun but I’ll try to touch base this weekend for a catch up!

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