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Thursday Morning Thoughts

March 10, 2011

First of all, I love creativity–something about seeing the ordinary in a new way really warms my soul which is why I have to throw out a special shout-out first thing this morning to my cousin Houston who’s facebook page looks like this:

Well done, Houston you made the three hours I spent on facebook last night seem less like a waste of time.


Second, thanks to Josh and Ash who having been readers of “Vive la Goos!” back in the beginning, thought of the ladies when they saw this:

Goo things come to those who wait


Third, I am thoroughly creeped by how Suzannah Scully managed to jump into my head inception-style.
I’ve read her letter to her 20 year-old self like ten times over the past week and it’s like it is handwritten to me:

Dear 20-something Suzannah,

I know everything feels so uncertain right now. You are living in New York city working in design for The Gap and while you love everyone you work with, you hate your job. You are single and out almost every night. And being in New York on September 11th had a major affect on you. Talk about uncertainty, you are always afraid there is going to be another attack.

Let me begin by telling you how proud I am of you for moving you New York. That took a lot of guts. And while it’s not an easy life. You will grow from it in ways you never imagined.

Being single can really suck sometimes, I know. You swear you are never going to find someone. If there is one thing I can tell you, it is that while you think you are ready to meet someone, you aren’t. You still have so many amazing things to experience. Things you wouldn’t do if you had a boyfriend. Like dance with Mick Jagger at 2am on a Thursday night at Bungalow 8. Yeah, that actually happens. Or at the drop of a hat decide to move to Rome. That wouldn’t happen if you had a boyfriend.

About that move to Rome. Right now, it’s something in the back of your head. Just a thought. But I know you worry about what that move will do to your career. And you worry that your parents think you are crazy.  You are sitting up at night wondering what you should do. Let me be here to tell you that moving to Europe is one of the best decisions you will ever make. While no one really understands it, remember that they are not you. They don’t know what you need. Only you do.

I think that is the most important thing I can tell you. (kind of getting choked up writing this) You are not everyone else. What works for other people does not necessarily work for you. That includes your family. That includes your friends. That includes acquaintances. While taking risks and stepping outside the box is often hard, it pays off in the end.

So listen to your gut. Don’t worry about your “resume”. Don’t worry about “when” things are supposed to happen. Don’t worry about how you “should” feel about this or that. You feel how you feel.

And all of those nights that you stay up writing in a journal about how miserable you are in your job and brainstorming possible careers you could change into, guess what, you are going through that for a reason. You may just end up helping people who feel just like you do. But you have to go through it first to help people later.


Oh, and about the guy you are so worried you are never going to meet? Guess what, he ends up being better than anything you could have imagined. Well worth the wait. So chill out.

Check it out for some serious inspiration, people.


Third, I have yet to share this gem spotted at the Saddle Rack:

I have a feeling he mocked up this graphic after meeting my roommate Ted.
If all Gap employees were as heaven-sent as she, we would need to mass produce these.


Special reporter Kelly is in Paris, and look what she spotted!

I’ll add that as reason #128 I should move to Paris.


Last but not least, thanks to one of my bestest amigos Marni who not only continues to surprise and delight on her blog, but also made me dream my house is floating for the past three nights when she turned me on to the National Geographic Channel where they actually did lift a house with a bundle of balloons. I highly recommend dreaming your life is a scene out of “Up!” but will forewarn you that you may wake up feeling a little sea sick.

Happy Thursday, people.

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  1. liza permalink
    March 10, 2011 8:46 am

    I liked the letter, but I thought at the end she was going to say, “Oh, and about the guy you are so worried you are never going to meet? Guess what,” he has been in your life all along…

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