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The Long Lunch Club

March 16, 2011

Introducing Ashley: My Partner in Gluttony

Ash and I went for our usual 3,000 calorie pasta dish at lunch today and with that black swan-meets-Lord Licorice look, I couldn’t resist forcing her camera-shy little self in front of my lens.  She’ll thank me when Scott Schuman asks to take her photo and she’s already well rehearsed.

We’re both obsessed with the OPI “Gelish” soak off nail polish. It doesn’t chip and maintains its shine for weeks and comes in fun bright colors. At “Hand Touch Nail” in the Marina, you can get a gel manicure and spa pedicure for $40 and then you don’t have to go back for a month.
Got to spend money to save money, people.

Don’t these Dolce Vita for Target boots remind you of a sexy Lord Licorice? I’m obsessed.

One day I’m going to move into her closet and rock looks like this all the time.
The trolls in the laundry will steal her missing socks and I will steal  her missing leather jackets.
Maybe the trolls and I will eventually become friends and then they will lend me some socks and I will let them ride in the pockets of my leather jackets. And when I sing showtunes, they will join in for the choruses and then we’ll write a musical called “The Sock Trolls and I” and it will hit Broadway and we’ll be world famous. Just wait.

But I digress…


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